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Who is In Your Soul Family?

By on December 30, 2016 in Spirituality

Who is In Your Soul Family?

By: Ginny Marston

During my spiritual journey I have met so many wonderful people, found some amazing groups of people, and realized there is so much out there to learn. As I read comments, messages, and posts I am led to new topics, new ideas, and information that is sought out by not only me but my spiritual friends and family. The newest being our “soul group” or “soul family”.

Throughout life we meet new people and have an inner circle of friends in our life. Your soul group consists of a select few who make such a profound impact on your life path. These special people were meant to connect to us both in the spirit world as well as the physical world. They are part of our soul contract that we made before we incarnated here.

These are the people that you meet that you have an instant chemistry with, you feel like you have known them for a lifetime (you have and many others prior), you can feel their positive energy, and when together your soul feels in harmony with their vibration, you are like minded and can finish their sentences before they do, you have the same bigger vision that you both share and enjoy spending time creating ideas and brainstorming with them, and spending time with them brings you a sense of belonging and peace.

There are different types or levels of souls that will be part of your journey. They come into our life as family members, teachers, romantic partners, and even strangers.

Here are some signs that you have met someone from your soul group: someone who:

  1. Helps or guides you with your spiritual journey whether it is a teacher, friend or loved one
  2. Have gone through similar life experiences as you which in turn helps you understand your life or path better
  3. They are aligned with your “cause” and help create a vision with you to help you bring your ideas to life
  4. They come into your life when you are confused about your path and they help to realign you back on track.
  5. They are uplifting, and help you see your strengths, even when you don’t and are instrumental in turning your weaknesses into strengths.
  6. You relate to each other on a deep level -mind, body and soul

Each of us has a unique frequency and vibration, which is tuned into our soul group family and draws us to them; that instant chemistry or magnetism. We recognize them subconsciously as we have we known them through many lifetimes. Be thankful and give gratitude for your soul family and remember we are not on this wonderful spiritual journey alone, there are many that walk with us, both spirit and physical souls. Love and Light…

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mommaAbout the Author: Hello, my name is Ginny. I am originally from Long Island, NY but now live in beautiful Florida. I am a Registered Nurse, a healer by nature. Having worked in trauma, I have been with those at the time of passing as well as given comfort to their families. As a child and teen I exhibited special gifts but they faded as my life journey went to raising a family and having a career. It wasn’t until my Grandmother, and then Father, passed that I yearned to be able to see and speak to them to ensure they were at peace and to tell them the things that I wished I had when they were here on Earth. On October 10, 2016, I tragically lost my youngest daughter, Christina. This led me to ‘go down the rabbit hole’ with my grief, pain, and the empty place in my heart only Christina could fill. The note that I laid with her was “You will never be alone as at the time of your death a piece of my heart died with you.” Many of my spiritual friends began to reach out to me, I began to look for signs she was still here with us, and channeled my energy to go back in time to renew my gifts so that I could not only speak with Christina, as I had with my other passed love ones, but to also learn more about her new journey. Christina’s and my journey are just beginning and I hope to share not only my journey with her but how you too can connect with your loved one. Follow us on Facebook!

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