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What Are Essential Oils?

By on January 26, 2017 in Healing

What Are Essential Oils?

By: Karen Blessing

Essential oils are aromatic so liquids and are distilled from flowers, roots, bushes, seeds, and trees. These oils are frequently referred to as “the lifeblood” of the plant. They are called “essential” because they are necessary for the life of the plant and contain the “essence” of the plant. Essential oils contain life force, intelligence and a vibrational energy which corresponds with the cells in our body.

Essential oils are highly concentrated and are much more potent than dried herbs. The distillation process is what makes essential oils so concentrated. It often requires an entire plant or several plants to produce a single drop of oil. As an example of this, it takes 3,000 to 5,000 pounds of Rose petals to produce one pound of rose oil! Thankfully, we have so many other essential oils that yield a lot of oil.

Essential oils have been used by mankind for thousands of years. They were used for religious rituals, for their health benefits, for illnesses, and mental, emotional and spiritual needs.

Essential oils are not simple substances. They contain hundreds, even thousands, of chemicals. Any single essential oil may contain anywhere from 80 to 300 or more chemical constituents.

When it comes to our five senses, the only one that is connected to our emotions is our sense of smell. The olfactory nerves connect to the center of the brain, which is the coordinator of our emotions. Our life experiences, both painful and happy, are stored in our brains. Many painful memories that have not been faced, dealt with and made peace with, are stored in our brains as repressed emotional energy. Painful emotional memories are there and can cause illness, pain, disease, any kind of problem and can be felt mentally, emotionally, physically, even spiritually.

The aromas from essential oils are very valuable in releasing the painful memories. Diffusing them goes into our noses and to our brains. The oils can touch our emotions in ways that cannot reach them by any other means. Essential oils such as Lavender, Geranium, Frankincense, Sandalwood and many others can help us on an emotional level, to help us on the road to recovering from painful events.

Not all essential oils are the same. There are many factors that need to be considered. From the type of seed that is planted, to the care of the growing of the plants, the harvesting at just the right time, the distillation process, testing to look for the oil constituents to meet the criteria of the company that sells the oils, and then bottling.

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My name is Karen Blessing. I have been learning about health and nutrition since 1999 so I could help my Mom. Only I began helping many people, which has turned out to be so meaningful and has given me a life purpose and the passion to do what I do. I have continued to learn and really enjoy sharing with others not only how to improve their health with nutrition, but also to share information on how to remove some of the toxins that our immune systems are fighting against.

I was introduced to Young Living Essential Oils and their line of nutrition, personal care, skin care and cleaning products in 2010. I love them so much that I started my Young Living business to help others. Since then, Young Living has added products for children and also for pets. Our health is our most important asset and we deserve to make the time and spend a little more on quality products to take care of ourselves.
Last year I lost my son to a tragic situation. I am especially grateful for the essential oils that help with emotional issues. I diffuse a variety of essential oils on a daily basis to help me, as I am still working on finding my way back to some sense of normalcy.
For more information on Young Living, please see my website www.youngliving.org/kblessing or contact me at Oils4UandPets2@gmail.comor send me a facebook personal message. Thank you!


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