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Top Three Crystals To Keep With You!

By on January 17, 2017 in Crystals

Top Three Crystals To Keep With You!

By: Missy Marston

Crystals can remove unwanted and negative energies, as well as send you energies you may need throughout your day. That’s why it’s so important to keep them on your person! You can keep them in your pocket, in your purse, in a satchel, on a necklace, on a ring, on a bracelet, on a key chain, etc.! Crystals seem to have more of an effect the closer they are to the skin. Even a thin layer of clothing can inhibit your crystal’s healing properties, if only by a little. So, what kind of crystals should you keep with you as you go about your day?

  1. Lapis LazuliTop Three Crystals To Keep With You!
  • This stone is great for grounding, clear thinking, and finding the truth in situations. It helps get you in touch with your higher mind, retain information, and communicate clearly and calmly.
  • The healing properties of lapis lazuli deal with the throat (thyroid, vocal chords) and the nose. It can relieve inflammation, cramps, general pain, and (when heated in the sun) can take care of bruises. It helps with hearing loss, vertigo, and insomnia, and ADHD in many!
  • Keeping lapis lazuli with you will keep you grounded during your day, keep your mind clear and out of the clouds, and will help to keep conversations truthful and clear. If you have trouble staying focused, you should keep lapis lazuli with you!
  1. CitrineTop Three Crystals To Keep With You!
  • Citrine is my favorite crystal to keep with me! It is the crystal of abundance and vibrant energy. Citrine helps you to feel happy, motivated, creative, and helps to manifest your ideas. What is so cool about citrine is that it actually turns negative energy into positive energy! Having a bad day? Sit with your citrine crystal and pour your negative energy into it. It will send positive energy back! Citrine brings abundance in whichever aspect of your life you need most, but it is often associated with monetary wealth. It will also magnetize you towards good people and guards you against those who could hurt you; Citrine is a shield against negativity and negative energies.
  • The healing properties of citrine mostly deal with energy. It speeds up your metabolism, makes you feel energetic, and keeps allergies at bay. Citrine is very good for hair, nail, and skin health. It is also said to help with those struggling with memory loss.
  • Keeping citrine with you is great because it attracts lots of whatever you need, helps you focus, stay alert and awake, and keeps you happy and shielded from negativity!
  1. AmethystTop Three Crystals To Keep With You!
  • Amethyst opens you up to your higher self, the higher power, and your third eye – it is a connection between you and the divine. It enhances the properties of other stones you may be using. The amethyst provides clarity in situations and problems, and reduces anxiety and stress. It is known to protect those wearing it when traveling. Having an amethyst with you will strengthen your intuition and your imagination, and is often linked with success.
  • The healing properties of amethyst deal with mental states. It helps with mood swings, insomnia, stress, and anxiety. It can also benefit the heart, the skin, and the stomach. Many report that it also helps with arthritis.
  • Keeping amethyst with you will help keep your crown chakra balanced, strengthen your intuition, and keep the bridge between you and the divine clear and connected. Keeping amethyst under your pillow or bed can also enhance your dreams and help you remember them!

There are plenty of other crystals that can be kept for various reasons, but these are the ones I like to keep nearby! What kind of crystals are you drawn to?

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Missy MarstonAbout the author: My name is Missy Marston, webmaster and editor of MetaMissy.com. I am 23 years of age living in sunny Florida. I have two dogs, two cats, and too many fish – I adore animals. I love reading, especially Kurt Vonnegut, and have a steady interest in philosophers. On October 10th, I lost my best friend and little sister, Christina. Out of that tragic experience came a reminder of my deep-rooted love for all things metaphysical and a sign for my future path. Within weeks, I began channeling Christina! I want everyone to know the enlightening truth that there is much more out there than we realize. There is so much more waiting inside of ourselves than we give credit for, and all of it is easily accessible. Come with me on a journey from deep inside your conscious to the outer rims of the multiverse! Follow me on Facebook!

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