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The Pain Body

By on March 7, 2017 in Healing

The Pain Body

By: Ginny Marston

The term “the pain body”, coined by Eckhart Tolle, is a “autonomous energy form that lives within most human beings”. Tolle describes it as “an entity made up of emotion” and he likens it to a “cunning animal” that must feed itself or “take on energy” by generating painful emotional experience, interpersonal drama, and negative thought.

The pain body is a pain remnant. It is a combined result of denial of and resistance to something we experienced. It can be recognized when an insignificant event triggers a disproportionate response. It is also seen in your reaction when someone says something that is annoying to you or when something goes wrong.

The pain body emerges when vital force energy cannot flow freely, a pressure accumulates and pain appears. When the pain body emerges, the feeling of emptiness and unhappiness increases up to an unbearable level. When we try to fight it or run from it, the pain grows.

The Pain Body

The beginning to healing our pain body is that we must acknowledge it for what it is. We must become conscious of not all the thinking that goes on in our minds, but rather what we are feeling deep in our bodies. Become a watcher. Once we identify the pain body coming to the surface, identify it, feel it but do not let it become our thoughts and how we react. Be an observer, the watcher. Once this happens we can begin the healing and transformation process. As the trapped energy is released, our health, vitality, and creativity increase. When we accept and observe the pain body, we cut its link with our mind and prevent it and control it. Given that, all that is left behind is a residue in us, an energy field felt as discomfort.

Three ways you can observe the pain body and become the watcher are:

  1. Look out for any sign of unease or unhappiness in yourself, no matter the form, as it may be the awakening of the pain body. This may be experienced as impatience, irritation, anger, rage, depression, the need for drama in your life, a desire to hurt, or a somber mood. Once you sense any of these feelings, immediately identify it as it awakens from its dormant state.
  2. Become very aware of your feelings. Focus attention on any negative feelings you may have inside of you and identify it as the pain body. Accept that it is there within you, do not think about it, don’t allow the feeling to turn into thoughts. Don’t judge it, stay present and continue to be the observer or watcher of what is happening inside of you.
  3. Be aware of any resistance inside of you. Be very alert; observe the attachment to your pain. Observe any peculiar pleasure that you may have from being unhappy. Observe the compulsion to talk or think about it. The resistance will diminish if you make it conscious.

Three ways to break free from the pain body:

  1. Accept what is: That every moment is the best moment… enlightenment.
  2. The miracle of surrender: Completely accept the non-peace that you have. Once accepted it becomes transmuted into peace.
  3. If you are in a particular unsettling or undesirable life situation, recognize fully that you want to get out of it. Focus your attention on the present moment. Do not label it mentally in any way. No resistance, no judgment, or emotional negativity. It is what it is… the is-ness of the moment. Then you take action and do what you can to get out of the situation.

It is not the pain body, but the identification with it that causes the suffering that you inflict on yourself or others. To break free of it you must acknowledge that you are identified with it, feel it, watch it. It is the becoming aware of it that liberates you from it.

Sounds simple enough, right?

Due to the pain from my loss I decided to follow the steps above. First I started by living in the now (not always easy in the beginning). I became the watcher. I observed when I began to have thoughts that consume my mind, the feeling when anxiety or grief started building in me, and made time to listen to the silence.

After that when I felt myself starting to leave the “now” and thoughts of the past and the future began to rush in, and I could feel the feelings of sadness, fear and anxiety build, I started pulling myself back into the present moment. The more and more I use it the easier it has become. I don’t have the fear, anxiety, or sadness, as they are not present to me in the now. I find it useful to focus on things around me such as the wind blowing the trees, the sounds of the birds, just something to bring me to the present moment. I truly can say that it gives you a sense of peace, feeling lighter and feeling the energy within yourself. I have moved on to using it when I am dealing with conflict in my job, dealing with negative energy around me and when things are not going right. I become the watcher….

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mommaAbout the Author: Hello, my name is Ginny. I am originally from Long Island, NY but now live in beautiful Florida. I am a Registered Nurse, a healer by nature. Having worked in trauma, I have been with those at the time of passing as well as given comfort to their families. As a child and teen I exhibited special gifts but they faded as my life journey went to raising a family and having a career. It wasn’t until my Grandmother, and then Father, passed that I yearned to be able to see and speak to them to ensure they were at peace and to tell them the things that I wished I had when they were here on Earth. On October 10, 2016, I tragically lost my youngest daughter, Christina. This led me to ‘go down the rabbit hole’ with my grief, pain, and the empty place in my heart only Christina could fill. The note that I laid with her was “You will never be alone as at the time of your death a piece of my heart died with you.” Many of my spiritual friends began to reach out to me, I began to look for signs she was still here with us, and channeled my energy to go back in time to renew my gifts so that I could not only speak with Christina, as I had with my other passed love ones, but to also learn more about her new journey. Christina’s and my journey are just beginning and I hope to share not only my journey with her but how you too can connect with your loved one. Follow us on Facebook!

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