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Seven Signs of Spiritual Awakening

By on December 19, 2016 in Spirituality

Seven Signs of Spiritual Awakening

By: Ginny Marston

Spiritual Awakening is when our ‘self’ transcends to a higher consciousness, with a heightened awareness full of love and peace. A shift in consciousness where your conscious grows, interests evolve, and the meaning of life changes for us.

As with any life transformation there are changes we make in our lives as we transcend. As we journey on our path of awakening we will see the world and our life differently, and the changes will be welcomed in our new perspective.

Some of these changes include:

  1. Cleaning Out the Old – As we transcend we have an understanding that we must let go of the old stuff and clean up the clutter. Old items can be a source of emotional attachment and a vast amount of energy, let go of the old to make room for the new.
  2. Simplify – Simplify your life. The more “things” that you obtain only weigh you down and prevent a clear path. By simplifying your life, you make time for yourself, not things, and will have more time to enjoy life and the world around you.
  3. Learn – Be willing to grow. You will have an innate want to start seeking out the truth, to learn more about the metaphysical world, as well as the world we live in.
  4. Others – Taking care of just yourself will not be satisfying enough and you will find yourself wanting to help others. You know that you need to make a difference in this world and will align yourself with others of the same mind.
  5. Walking Away – As your thoughts, needs, and wants evolve you will find yourself walking away from friends/groups who are not like-minded. You will not be able to understand why they just aren’t “getting it”. Fortunately you will find new friends and groups to be a part of.
  6. Healing Family Units – You will want to reach out to your parents and family to create a better relationship, to forgive and let go of any negative energy from the past. If the end of our path is love and peace, we must prepare ourselves by getting rid of our negative feelings as well as negative people in our lives.
  7. Hypersensitivity – As you progress on your path you will heighten your 5 physical senses: hearing, taste, sight, touch and smell as well as your spiritual senses, such as intuition. As you awaken, your vibrations rise and your intuition will guide you. You will understand that feelings and emotions will guide you, too, and that you will begin to learn and listen to them.

To be awakened spiritually is to realize that we are the center of the universe, and to be filled with love and compassion. To be able to look inside oneself for the answers, from our spirit guides, and outside with your spiritual family. Senses heightened, colors are more vivid, and we are more in tune with our environment. We slow down life to experience it in the now. Spending time to notice the butterfly, hear the birds singing, and the stars twinkling at night.

Spreading love and light to all on your journey.

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mommaAbout the Author: Hello, my name is Ginny. I am originally from Long Island, NY but now live in beautiful Florida. I am a Registered Nurse, a healer by nature. Having worked in trauma, I have been with those at the time of passing as well as given comfort to their families. As a child and teen I exhibited special gifts but they faded as my life journey went to raising a family and having a career. It wasn’t until my Grandmother, and then Father, passed that I yearned to be able to see and speak to them to ensure they were at peace and to tell them the things that I wished I had when they were here on Earth. On October 10, 2016, I tragically lost my youngest daughter, Christina. This led me to ‘go down the rabbit hole’ with my grief, pain, and the empty place in my heart only Christina could fill. The note that I laid with her was “You will never be alone as at the time of your death a piece of my heart died with you.” Many of my spiritual friends began to reach out to me, I began to look for signs she was still here with us, and channeled my energy to go back in time to renew my gifts so that I could not only speak with Christina, as I had with my other passed love ones, but to also learn more about her new journey. Christina’s and my journey are just beginning and I hope to share not only my journey with her but how you too can connect with your loved one. Follow us on Facebook!

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