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Quantum Touch – Breathing Techniques

By on December 8, 2016 in Healing

quantum touch

By: Ginny Marston

Breathing techniques for quantum touch:

The 4-4 Breathe

Do thorough mental body sweeps from your feet to the top of your head. Inhale as you count to four [ for one second each]. You should feel as much sensation as possible as you bring your awareness through your body. Exhale to the count of four and let all of the sensation, so generated, concentrate in your hands. This is an easy breathing exercise.

The 1-4 Breathe

Completely inhale to the count of one and exhale to the count of four. Inhaling to the count of one requires mouth breathing. Stop if you feel dizzy.

The 2-6 Breathe Preform deep abdominal breathing- two counts of one second in length for inhalation and six counts of one second each for the exhalation cycle. This is a very powerful breathing technique and there is no holding of breath involved.

Connecting Energy to Breathe

Linking body awareness exercises with breathing techniques helps the flow of energy in the session. Mentally, do a full body sweep on yourself. You may sit or stand. Start a 2-6 breathing pattern and place all your awareness in your hands. Feel the energy building on exhalation. Do this for a few minutes till you are able to coordinate the exhalation with sensation. Focus on the 6 counts of exhalation. While keeping your hands gently cupped, start the 1-4 breath pattern. Notice the change in sensation in your hands. Work to feel the sensation increase on exhalation. Now start doing the fire breathing technique. As you breathe keep your hands closed/cupped [as done in Reiki]. After you have finished the rapid inhalations and exhalations, take a large inhalation and go into 1-4 or 2-6 pattern.

** Notice the change in sensation in your hands. If you feel increase in sensation on exhalations, you are doing well and are ready to proceed to next step – passing the energy and doing the healing session.

To Heal:

Place your hands on both side of the painful area. Running the energy with the tips of your thumb and first two fingers. Take large breaths throughout. Pay close attention to the sensations in your hands and chase the pain by shifting your hands to the area shifted too. Treatment can last 20-30 minutes. It is very important that you use the breathing techniques throughout the session.

Achieve a greater state of wellbeing

There is far more to Quantum-Touch [Q-T] than merely assisting the body to alleviate pain or symptoms. Beyond the paradigm of disease, is the concept of ‘wellness’ — constantly striving to achieve greater states of well being and happiness.

Q-T can:

  • Relax muscles
  • Release stress
  • Enhance the recovery from workouts
  • Help align structural problems
  • Improve immune and endocrine function
  • Improve general health.

One of the unique qualities of Q-T is that it elegantly works in conjunction with any other healing modality, and is a great stand-alone therapy as well. Chiropractors say that it is an advanced form of chiropractic, since bones glide back into alignment with only a light touch. Acupuncturists, naturopaths, osteopaths, physical therapists, Reiki masters, chi gung, cranial sacral practitioners, agree that Q-T transforms this practice.

Quantum-Touch and the Mind

Panic attacks usually conclude extremely rapidly, and Q-T works well with multiple personality disorder and obsessive-compulsive disorder. Life-force energy can cause one to feel emotionally balanced and can bring about rapid and profound emotional shifts in a short amount of time. It is not uncommon for someone who is experiencing an extremely painful emotional state to be brought to a state of well being in session of 15-30 minutes.

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mommaAbout the Author: Hello, my name is Ginny. I am originally from Long Island, NY but now live in beautiful Florida. I am a Registered Nurse, a healer by nature. Having worked in trauma, I have been with those at the time of passing as well as given comfort to their families. As a child and teen I exhibited special gifts but they faded as my life journey went to raising a family and having a career. It wasn’t until my Grandmother, and then Father, passed that I yearned to be able to see and speak to them to ensure they were at peace and to tell them the things that I wished I had when they were here on Earth. On October 10, 2016, I tragically lost my youngest daughter, Christina. This led me to ‘go down the rabbit hole’ with my grief, pain, and the empty place in my heart only Christina could fill. The note that I laid with her was “You will never be alone as at the time of your death a piece of my heart died with you.” Many of my spiritual friends began to reach out to me, I began to look for signs she was still here with us, and channeled my energy to go back in time to renew my gifts so that I could not only speak with Christina, as I had with my other passed love ones, but to also learn more about her new journey. Christina’s and my journey are just beginning and I hope to share not only my journey with her but how you too can connect with your loved one. Follow us on Facebook!

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