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Oracle Cards

By on April 1, 2017 in Prophecy, Spirituality


By: Missy Marston

Do you love the idea of tarot cards, but don’t want to deal with all the rules and spreads? Well then, give oracle cards a try!

My mom and I decided to get two oracle decks and try them out. I got the Doreen Virtue Goddess Guidance deck and my mom picked the Doreen Virtue Magical Mermaids and Dolphins deck (of course!). Not only are these decks seriously fun to look through, they are very insightful as well.

oracle cards

Unlike tarot cards, where many decks have different faces and themes but mean the same thing, each oracle card deck is totally different in their readings and meanings. Oracle decks come in many, many different themes like Goddesses, chakras, dolphins, fairies, angels, animals, etc. Each individual themed deck has unique cards and meanings you probably wont find in other decks. Each card has a theme (a certain goddess, a certain tree, or a general topic, depending on the deck) and a quick quip about the meaning behind it. Each deck also comes with a little book, which goes into depth about the card for a few short paragraphs.

oracle cards

I like to choose a card in the morning and at night to gain insight into what my guides want me to focus or work on that day. The cards, especially my Goddess deck, also help to remind me to be gracious and grateful, and to consider my actions and their effects. I love tarot for in depth reads on particular subjects, but oracle cards are great for a quick message from the universe or your guides as either an answer or a general message about your day! Give them a shot if you haven’t tried them out yet! Love and light to you all!

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Missy MarstonAbout the author: My name is Missy Marston, webmaster and editor of MetaMissy.com. I am 23 years of age living in sunny Florida. I have two dogs, two cats, and too many fish – I adore animals. I love reading, especially Kurt Vonnegut, and have a steady interest in philosophers. On October 10th, I lost my best friend and little sister, Christina. Out of that tragic experience came a reminder of my deep-rooted love for all things metaphysical and a sign for my future path. Within weeks, I began channeling Christina! I want everyone to know the enlightening truth that there is much more out there than we realize. There is so much more waiting inside of ourselves than we give credit for, and all of it is easily accessible. Come with me on a journey from deep inside your conscious to the outer rims of the multiverse! Follow me on Facebook!

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