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Intro to Auras

By on November 13, 2016 in Auras

intro to auras

By: Missy Marston

Remember back in school when you were taught that all living things give off an electromagnetic field? What if I told you that you could see it with practice?

What is it?
You know what it’s like to have your personal bubble intruded. Someone comes too close to your personal space and you feel compelled to back up. Have you ever walked into a room and could just feel the joy in the air? Or met someone and just had a bad feeling about him or her? Those examples represent your sensitivity to the energetic field that is the aura. There are seven layers to the aura, each connected with the others. Together, these seven layers are often called the ‘subtle bodies’. These layers indicate states of emotion, thought, health, and even personality. The aura can be several feet wide for a person in good mental, spiritual, and corporeal health, but it takes practice to see auras that far out. Reading someone’s aura can tell you what mood they’re in, whether or not they’re healthy, how in touch they are with their inner-self, and so on! But reading an aura is more than just seeing – it’s also feeling the positive and negative vibes through intuition.

intro to auras

How can I see it?
If you can relate to invaded personal space, someone interrupting the flow of your energy field, then you have already felt an aura – your own! To see your aura, place your hand out in front of you. Instead of focusing on your hand, look past it and unfocus your eyes. Soon you will see a twinge of ethereal color surrounding it. This is the base of the aura, the ‘Ethric’ body.

What are the seven layers?
The seven layers are connected to our seven chakras, and can be basically listed as such:
1. Physical (Ethric Body)
–The health of your physical body affects this aura.
2. Emotional
–Your emotional state affects this aura.
3. Mental
–Your thought process affects this aura.
4. Astral Spiritual
–Your spiritual health affects this aura.
5. Etheric Template
–This aura represents the template to your ethic (physical) body. This aura affects the first layer of your aura.
6. Celestial
–This aura represents a level of meditation and self-awareness which allows us connection to the spiritual realm and feelings of unconditional love.
7. Ketheric Template
–This aura represents everything your soul has experienced. It allows connection to a higher power (be it a creator, the universe, etc.) and holds all the other layers together.

There are at least three other layers called the cosmic auras that some can see by mastering the practice, but so far there is disagreement about what they mean and look like.

Don’t give up if you don’t see anything at first! This exercise takes practice, patience, and an open mind. Keep trying and good luck out there!


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Missy MarstonAbout the author: My name is Missy Marston, webmaster and editor of MetaMissy.com. I am 23 years of age living in sunny Florida. I have two dogs, two cats, and too many fish – I adore animals. I love reading, especially Kurt Vonnegut, and have a steady interest in philosophers. On October 10th, I lost my best friend and little sister, Christina. Out of that tragic experience came a reminder of my deep-rooted love for all things metaphysical and a sign for my future path. Within weeks, I began channeling Christina! I want everyone to know the enlightening truth that there is much more out there than we realize. There is so much more waiting inside of ourselves than we give credit for, and all of it is easily accessible. Come with me on a journey from deep inside your conscious to the outer rims of the multiverse! Follow me on Facebook!

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