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Heyoka Empaths – The Most Powerful Empath

By on March 3, 2017 in Indigo Children

Heyoka Empaths - The Most Powerful Empath

A lot of people have heard of an empath, but have you heard of the Heyoka empath?

Heyoka Empaths - The Most Powerful Empath‘Heyoka’ is a Native American term meaning ‘fool’ or ‘sacred clown’, and was used to describe those that brought balance and new perspective to light. Now, we consider Heyoka empaths to be a ‘great mirror’. Whatever you take away when you meet a Heyoka empath is what is being reflected back to you. If it’s love, they are showing you the importance of self-love. If you think they are arrogant, they are showing you the importance of being humble. A Heyoka empath will not only show you your faults, but they will show you a way to overcome those faults.

This is where the ‘sacred clown’ translation comes in. Heyoka empaths will poke holes in your strong, uncompromising beliefs, allowing you to let go of harmful preconceived notions. In this way, Buddha is considered a ‘sacred clown’ as he poked holes in the idea of the attachment to the ego. I believe that Charlie Chaplin was a ‘sacred clown’, as he made fun of poverty and war as it was happening. They are those who take very serious matters and turn them into light.

You know the phrase “so crazy it just might work”? That could be said of a Heyoka empaths idea. Their ideas Heyoka Empaths - The Most Powerful Empathare backwards and chaotic, but they work and a lesson is always learned simply from the new, fresh perspective. They get you to change by showing you the opposite of what should be done. When a Heyoka empath works with someone, they will end up saying or doing something that creates a change, a balance, and a new energy.

If you were born into this world backwards, are dyslexic, or look way younger than you are, you may be a Heyoka empath!

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Missy MarstonAbout the author: My name is Missy Marston, webmaster and editor of MetaMissy.com. I am 23 years of age living in sunny Florida. I have two dogs, two cats, and too many fish – I adore animals. I love reading, especially Kurt Vonnegut, and have a steady interest in philosophers. On October 10th, I lost my best friend and little sister, Christina. Out of that tragic experience came a reminder of my deep-rooted love for all things metaphysical and a sign for my future path. Within weeks, I began channeling Christina! I want everyone to know the enlightening truth that there is much more out there than we realize. There is so much more waiting inside of ourselves than we give credit for, and all of it is easily accessible. Come with me on a journey from deep inside your conscious to the outer rims of the multiverse! Follow me on Facebook!

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