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Are My Loved Ones Trying To Contact Me?

By on November 26, 2016 in Channeling Tina

are my loved ones trying to contact me

By: Missy Marston

When a loved one passes, many look for signs and symbols that they are still around and looking after you. My mom and I have always been spiritual people, but after my little sister passed we began to notice strange things happening that could not be ignored. I would leave my shoes by the door, go back and to find them gone, and return later to find them exactly where I left them. Phantom doors would slam. The prayer card from her service was always somewhere we didn’t put it. Unplugged lights would turn on and stay that way until approached. We knew it was Christina. It was her way of saying “Hey! I’m still here!”

Many don’t realize their loved ones are trying to communicate their presence and will write these situations off. “It must be the wind” and “I guess I just didn’t see them the first time”. It’s easy to write these situations off as human error or having a logical explanation, but eventually you will see a pattern – the instances are too often to be coincidences. Below I have detailed common signs loved ones will imprint on our dimension, and have related my own stories to these common themes.

  1. Closing and opening doors. Christina loves slamming doors! Often the sound will come from her room, where the door is always closed (as she liked it), but has also come from doors that are still open. Recently, my cousin and I were talking at her home when her open door slammed shut, as if a large gust of wind hit it in just the right way. She’s even locked us out of them house before! My mother and I went outside for a few minutes, tried to come back in, and the door was locked shut. The only living things inside at the time were my cats – and they’re not even tall enough to reach! Closing and opening doors usually have a specific message behind them depending on which door is manipulated, or it may just be the closest or most noticeable place for the spirit to let you know of their presence. I believe Christina locked us out because I went outside to smoke – she always hated that! I believe she often slams her door because she always valued her privacy (no one was ever to enter without permission!) and now we are constantly in and out of her room.
  2. Birds and bugs seem to constantly be around you. Butterflies always seem to evoke peace in whoever sees them. When my grandfather died, I began to see white and blue butterflies all the time. My pop-pop likes to send butterflies. After my sister died, my mother and I began to notice a constant presence of birds. One would always be by her car to send her off in the morning. When I would go outside there would often be birds in our garage or near the front door. Christina likes to send birds. You may notice an abundance of dragonflies, butterflies, birds, etc. after a loved one passes. They send these creatures as a sign of their presence and as a moment for you to enjoy and be happy about.
  3. Unexpected moments and gifts. The day after my sister passed, my ex-boyfriend, who I haven’t seen in four years, came by to give his condolences and brought me a silly elephant gift. I had been crying all day and the day before, but at that moment I cried different tears – happy tears. It was a small gesture on his part, but it meant the world to me to know that I could still smile. Childhood friends appeared at her funeral, ones that I hadn’t seen in years, to show their support and sympathies. Then, unknown to me, everyone at my work pitched in to buy a beautiful flower wreath for her funeral. With all of these beautiful moments and gifts I felt my heart swell with love and gratitude, and I’m sure Christina directed them my way. Some nights, when I’m feeling down, I’ll go outside and look at the stars. More often than not, a shooting star makes an appearance and makes my night. When you lose a loved one, those who you need most seem to appear and small gestures and gifts mean everything. It may come as a call when you’re sad or a chance encounter with an old friend, but it is most often your loved one sending these precious moments your way.
  4. Misplaced Items. Christina loves to move things around or simply hide them. She’s hidden my shoes; only for me to find them in the same place I looked (and had left them) minutes later. Her prayer card will move, but it is always near its original location. It’s just her way of reminding us to think of and remember her – not that we could forget!
  5. Music. Loved ones frequently try to communicate through music, usually on the radio. Christina loved oldies, and I now regularly hear Johnny Cash on the radio – an artist we both enjoyed. One time, I was worrying about something and ‘You Can’t Always Get What You Want’ came on right away. Another time, when I was really missing her, ‘The One I Love’ came on immediately after getting in the car. There are many instances of the radio playing songs not typically found on the station that seem to have a message of ‘I love you and I miss you’. Just remember to pay attention!
  6. Pets acting oddly. Sometimes my dogs will bark at nothing, or wag their tails unprompted. My cats will put their tails up like they’re being pet, or will coo as if one of us just walked in the door, but no one will be close to them. Both my cats and dogs, however, will often look above or around me instead of at me like they usually do. Animals have keener senses than humans and can sense departed loved ones. They may begin to act strangely after a loved one has passed.
  7. Electrical problems. When my grandfather died, the cabin light in my mothers car would often be turned on when she went to work in the morning, and the garage door wouldn’t respond to the remote. At my grandmothers, the light over his favorite place to sit would flicker constantly, even after the electric company found no problems with the wiring. Two days after my sister died, I turned on the light to my room, it blew out with a ‘pop!’ and my fan showered down sparks. It still wouldn’t work after we replaced it. My cousins broken light, which hasn’t worked since they bought it and remains unplugged, will turn on for minutes at a time, turn off, and repeat the cycle until we thank Christina and ask her to stop. After my mom moved her car into the garage, the door behind it refuses to open. Technology is such a big part of our lives now; I feel that spirits use it as an obvious sign to their loved ones that they are near.

It is imperative to ask your loved ones for signs. Don’t expect something grandiose right away – it takes a lot of energy for your loved one to manipulate our world. Be sure to look for signs and thank your loved ones and the universe for providing them. Make sure you are open to these signs and interpret them in your own way. Always keep a look out for your loved ones trying to connect with you! Good luck out there, friends!

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Missy MarstonAbout the author: My name is Missy Marston, webmaster and editor of MetaMissy.com. I am 23 years of age living in sunny Florida. I have two dogs, two cats, and too many fish – I adore animals. I love reading, especially Kurt Vonnegut, and have a steady interest in philosophers. On October 10th, I lost my best friend and little sister, Christina. Out of that tragic experience came a reminder of my deep-rooted love for all things metaphysical and a sign for my future path. Within weeks, I began channeling Christina! I want everyone to know the enlightening truth that there is much more out there than we realize. There is so much more waiting inside of ourselves than we give credit for, and all of it is easily accessible. Come with me on a journey from deep inside your conscious to the outer rims of the multiverse! Follow me on Facebook!

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