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10 Daily Habits of Spiritually Enlightened People

By on January 16, 2017 in Spirituality

10 daily habits of the enlightened

By: Ginny Marston

Spirituality… what is gained by becoming more spiritual? Perhaps it is not what is gained but what is lost?

In life, many of us become what I call “lab rats”. We scurry around each day going through the same motions, looking forward to the weekend where we keep busy getting things done that we had not time to do during the week: “catching up”.

Then at some point we begin to yearn for more meaning to life. If you are living a soul-centered life, then you are living from a place of wisdom and of purpose. You will notice that what you seek and desire will begin to easily manifest. A balanced life requires that we take care of not only the body and the mind but the spirit as well… this is the role of spiritual growth.

One of my favorite quotes is when Buddha was once asked: “What have you gained from meditation?” He simply replied “Nothing. But let me tell you what I lost: anger, anxiety, depression, insecurity, fear of old age, and death…” The lesson is: sometimes you have to lose things… in order to find yourself.

Lets take a look at 10 daily habits of highly spiritual people:

  1. Gratitude – Being grateful on a daily basis is something that never slips the mind of one who is spiritually centered. An amazing friend and mentor once shared that he does a walk of gratitude each day. Thank the moon, the sun, your family, the food you eat, etc… this practice is something that stems from an open connection with the universe.
  2. Positive attitude – These are the people that spread love over fear, avoid drama, and confrontation. They notice the negative but do not dwell on it. They let it go. They are easy to be around, and have a positive energy about them.
  3. Avoidance of news/media – Many spiritually conscious people feel that the media promotes fear and consumerism and that it is a waste of time. They would rather be spending their time in nature, exploring, reading, and living life. Many do not have cable, satellite, or even a television in their homes.
  4. No attachment to “things” – They have achieved mental freedom from possessions. The ego wants to cling to objects, ideas, youth, etc. By letting these go when they have served their time, the inner peace is strengthened. Many highly spiritual people live very simple as they have a sense of service rather than personal or material gain.
  5. Serve others – “you and everything that exists are one.” They are the givers, the servants, that do not hesitate to stop to help someone. These are the people that you know you can count on, that are there through thick and thin, and that never expect or want anything in return.
  6. Intuition – They follow their guided intuition throughout life. This is the recognition of your highest self and the “plan” behind it all. They are able to clear their minds and listen to their inner-self to guide them.
  7. Time for self – Time is made to self reflect whether through mediation, yoga, and even through seeking more spiritual knowledge. They know the importance of making time for their spirit. They are committed to a spiritual path and constantly examine themselves in order to make progress and implement necessary changes.
  8. Live in the present – They do not have fear or worry, they live in the moment, in the present. This is a state of intentional attention to the present. They know that they are not their thoughts and are just observers of their thoughts from moment to moment. There is no judgment. Living in the past or future robs you of your enjoyment today, of truly living. The only important moment is the present moment.
  9. Forgiving – They recognize the power of forgiveness. They know that holding on to negative feelings and emotions keeps them out of living in the present and blocks their energy. They have learned to send peace, let go, and move on.
  10. Appreciative – They are aware that everything is alive, and that everything is made of energy. They appreciate the tiniest of creature to the largest. They have a constant appreciation of life as it is.

Becoming spiritually enlightened is an amazing journey of self discovery and as your journey continues, you will find a fulfillment of life, peace and wisdom. You will seek happiness from the source within instead of the outside world. Love and Light!

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mommaAbout the Author: Hello, my name is Ginny. I am originally from Long Island, NY but now live in beautiful Florida. I am a Registered Nurse, a healer by nature. Having worked in trauma, I have been with those at the time of passing as well as given comfort to their families. As a child and teen I exhibited special gifts but they faded as my life journey went to raising a family and having a career. It wasn’t until my Grandmother, and then Father, passed that I yearned to be able to see and speak to them to ensure they were at peace and to tell them the things that I wished I had when they were here on Earth. On October 10, 2016, I tragically lost my youngest daughter, Christina. This led me to ‘go down the rabbit hole’ with my grief, pain, and the empty place in my heart only Christina could fill. The note that I laid with her was “You will never be alone as at the time of your death a piece of my heart died with you.” Many of my spiritual friends began to reach out to me, I began to look for signs she was still here with us, and channeled my energy to go back in time to renew my gifts so that I could not only speak with Christina, as I had with my other passed love ones, but to also learn more about her new journey. Christina’s and my journey are just beginning and I hope to share not only my journey with her but how you too can connect with your loved one. Follow us on Facebook!

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